Our Professional Services

Professional Services offered by Fernie Counselling & Consulting

Counselling is confidential and professional. Professional Counselling involves an assessment , a plan & evidence based practice that help overcome & manage issues. At times people become stuck and our therapy is intended to move you forward in your life. Your old patterns & ways of functioning are positively transformed.

Explore your mind & heart. Discover your dreams and soar to new heights.

Individual Counselling

As circumstances of each client differ, we use numerous counselling methods and approaches that represent each individuals unique needs and wants. We work together & determine a plan of treatment that is most effective for you.  This may involve a single modality or a combination of integrative treatments.

Family Counselling

Is it fun and exciting to be a member of your family? Family therapy aims to help your family work through the challenges that you are faced with today.

This involves working to:

-identify your strengths and difficulties

-establish individual and family goals

-address these challenges and goals through a series of insightful and creative sessions

Couples Counselling

Couples’ counselling focuses on helping couples manage and reconcile troublesome differences within their relationship.

All couples on this path towards a harmonius and long lasting relationship experience conflicts and disagreement. 

But the difference between a happily married and committed couple, and an unhappy union most frequently involves the ability to discuss and resolve differences in a positive manner that respects the interests and needs of each individual.

Therapy will guide couples on this path toward a harmonious and long last relationship. 


Puppet Assisted Play Therapy (PAPT)


Play therapy is a psychotherapeutic treatment approach developed to help children 3-12 years old. A play therapist works with a child to explore and resolve problems through the therapeutic us of the power of play.

Play therapy is a structured, theoretically based approach to therapy that builds on the normal communicative and learning processes of children (Carmichael, 2006; Landreth, 2002; O’Connor & Schaefer, 1983). The curative powers inherent in play are used in many ways.

Therapists strategically utilize play therapy to help children express what is troubling them when they do not have the verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings (Gil, 1991). In play therapy, toys are like the child’s words and play is the child’s language (Landreth, 2002).

Click here to view a video titled “Trauma & Play Therapy: Holding Hard Stories” by Paris Goodyear-Brown

Click here to view a video from  The Association for Play Therapy titled “Introducing Andrew”.

You can find more information about play therapy here.

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

CPRT is a Filial Therapy Model for training parents with children from 2 – 10 years old. This training will help you learn skills that will make a difference in your life and the life of your child.

You will learn how to regain control as a parent, help your child develop self-control, effectively discipline and limit inappropriate behaviour, understand your child’s emotional needs and communicate more effectively with your child.

You will see a noticeable difference in your relationship with your child, your child’s behaviour, your ability to respond effectively and your confidence in parenting skills!


Adoption services are provided in the Kootenay area from a licensed non-profit, non-sectarian, adoption and counselling agency of your choice.

This service provides counselling for pregnant women unsure of what to do, an opportunity to completely explore all available options with unbiased support empowering women to make their own well informed decision.

Domestic and inter-country adoption facilitation as well as education, counseling and support are included for those desiring adoption.

Crisis Trauma Response

The principles of Field Traumatology and emergency mental health are provided for those individuals and families impacted by the loss and grief experienced from a traumatic event.

Family Law Mediation

Fernie Counselling and Consulting provides an alternative to litigation that can offer more effective ways to resolve family disputes. This process is a voluntary attempt by each party to respectfully negotiate and develop their own agreement with the assistance of an impartial, neutral and trained person present.

The Mediator can assist with helping to identify the conflict, help the parties set goals and achieve them through constructive dialogue. Mediation involves facilitating communication that relates to marriage, cohabitation, separation, divorce, and/or custody issues.

Fernie Counselling and Consulting has no independent decision making power. Legal advice for each party’s interest is recommended.

Heart Math

Cheryl is a Heart Math™ Certified Practitioner. Heart Math™ Institute researchers have been researching the heart-brain connection and learning h0w the heart influences our perceptions, emotions intuitions and health. Did you know that different patterns of the heart activity have different effects on your thoughts and behaviors? For more info visit https://www.heartmath.org/ 

As you bring your physical mental and emotional systems into coherent alignment, you begin to experience increased access to your hearts intuitive guidance.

Expressive Therapy

Expressive therapy is the use of the creative arts as a form of therapy. 

The process of expressing yourself through art is usually an assortment  of activities such as art, drama, dance and music.

Sand tray therapy

Sand tray therapy is a specific expressive play process, which may be static or dynamic in nature. The client selects items of interest from a wide diverse collection of miniatures representing various themes (eg friendship, fantasy, trauma, etc.), which take on whatever meanings the client assigns to them. They are invited to create a world in the sand tray in a way that shows their world. This process allows the client to symbolically create their inner and outer worlds. Sand tray therapy is where the conscious and unconscious parts of the psyche meet.

Sand tray therapy is a favored modality which allows sensory traumatic memories to be released as a sense of catharsis. It provides a safe psychological distance as figures are manipulated in the tray to deal with emotional pain in a contained environment, the tray itself. When the story or experience is externalized, the experience can be viewed from a different perspective that allows self-awareness. When the tray is processed, the unconscious material comes into consciousness.